Talon Wiki


What can I say?

Checkout the common commands to get started using Talon.

How can I code in different languages with Talon

Talon does not require special configuration for different programming languages, but many users have per-language customizations to improve efficiency. Checkout the section on Programming Languages in the knausj repository README for more information on how to use different language modes included in knausj.

What hardware should I have?

Check out the hardware page for microphone and eye tracker recommendations.

Are languages other than English supported?

They’re being worked on, join talonvoice.slack.com and find a channel for your language to see how it’s going. If you are in the beta program, you can configure the WebSpeech API for dictation in other languages.

How can I make talon recognise me better?

See the page Improving Recognition Accuracy.

How can I contribute?

While Talon is closed source, there’s plenty you can do to help:

  • https://speech.talonvoice.com/ Extend the voice data set used for speech recognition training.
  • Publish your talon commands on Github for others to use like https://github.com/knausj85/knausj_talon.
  • Report issues at https://github.com/talonvoice/talon/issues
  • Add more to these docs :)

How do I enable verbose talon debugging?

Open your talon user directory, for example ~/.talon/user on Linux. Open the engines.py file in an editor and change the line containing W2lEngine() to include the parameter debug=True. If a debug=False parameter already exists, in the False should be changed to True.

For example:

w2l = W2lEngine(model="en_US", debug=True)


Checkout the troubleshooting for solutions to common problems.