Talon Wiki

Getting Started

Install Talon

You can install and run Talon by following the official installation instructions. The rest of this page provides some additional information to supplement the information provided there.

  1. Run the Talon app.

Notes on Linux installation:
If you use Gnome, you need to install AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support in order to be able to see Talon’s tray icon - which is the only way of configuring it without speech/code.

If you use Wayland, you might encounter the following error:


In which case it is necessary to switch to Xorg. (Your distribution might support this through a cog wheel on the login screen.)

Configure a Speech Recognition Engine

Talon uses a speech recognition engine that translates voice audio to text. To install your speech engine, open the Talon menu and select Speech Recognition -> Conformer.

Note: The Conformer speech engine is recommended, but it is possible to use Talon with other speech engines, for example, if you already use Dragon or need an engine with support additional languages other than English. For information about additional speech engines, see the speech engine page.

Install a Talon user file set

Talon does not come with voice commands out of the box - you must install some additional files. To start out, we strongly recommend that you use the knausj_talon Talon user file set. The whole wiki assumes this repository is used, if not otherwise noted.

Install the Talon user file set in the user folder of the Talon Home directory, which can be opened using the Talon menu in the system tray (near the clock) using the shortcut Scripting -> Open ~/.talon. The Talon Home directory is located on the filesystem at %APPDATA%\Talon on Windows, and ~/.talon on macOS/Linux.

Install using a ZIP File

Download the zip archive of knausj_talon and extract the files. (If you don’t know how to extract zip files, a quick google search for “extract zip files” may be helpful). Place these extracted files inside the user folder of the Talon Home directory.

Install using the Command Line

On Linux/Mac:

mkdir -p ~/.talon/user
cd ~/.talon/user
git clone https://github.com/knausj85/knausj_talon.git knausj_talon

On Windows:

md "%APPDATA%\Talon\user"
cd "%APPDATA%\Talon\user"
git clone https://github.com/knausj85/knausj_talon.git knausj_talon

Test your Talon Setup

Test your Talon setup with a few basic commands.

Join the Talon Slack

If at any point you need help with your Talon setup, join the Talon Voice Slack and ask in the #help channel.

Next Steps

Once the basics somewhat work for you, you’ll likely want to improve your experience using Talon: