Talon Wiki

Software that Pairs Well with Talon

This page documents third party software that pair well with Talon.

Programming and text editing

Software Cost Platform Description
Cursorless Free Any Allows rapid voice coding and text editing. Currently requires VSCode
Software Cost Platform Description
Shortcat Free Mac Allows selecting native UI elements by searching related strings. Like vimium for OSX.
Homerow Paid Mac Another Vimium for OSX alternative.
Hunt and Peck Free Windows Like Vimium for Windows. Paints a two letter label on each button etc. which you can type to select.
Rectangle Free Mac Keyboard control window placement and management

Browser navigation

Software Cost Platform Description
Rango Free Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Chromium Purpose built for the Talon community by a Talon user. Inspired by Vimium but with better voice UX.
Vimium Free Firefox/Chrome Vim style browser controls. Lets you see all links on page and click with 2 letter combos.
Tridactyl Free Firefox/Chrome More vim style control in browser
Vimari Free Safari A port of Vimium for Safari.

Linux Accessibility Notes

Once Talon can interface with Linux’s accessibility tools, the only terminal emulators that provide interfaces are VTE-based ones like Termite (e.g. Kitty & Alacritty don’t expose any information).