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Scripting and Configuration

  1. Pop to click
  2. Activating your programming language
    1. Where are my languages defined?
    2. Some command examples

Pop to click

THIS ADVICE APPEARS TO BE OUT OF DATE AND MAY NOT WORK - suggest asking on Talon slack if you’re having trouble with this!

By default, the knausj repo allows using the ‘pop’ sound to enact a mouse click only while Tobii eyetracking’s control mouse is active.
To enable pop to click with or without Tobii, edit code/mouse.py and modify lines 190-194 to the following:

def on_pop(active):
    if (gaze_job or scroll_job):
        if settings.get("user.mouse_enable_pop_stops_scroll") >= 1:
        if settings.get("user.mouse_enable_pop_click") >= 1:
            ctrl.mouse_click(button=0, hold=16000)

Previously, pop to click would continue to work when Talon was asleep, but a recent PR changed the behavior to turn off pop to click when Talon is asleep.

NOTE If you use knausj, please be sure to not also use noise.py from another place like the talon examples repo!

Activating your programming language

If talon is scripted to support your programming language, activating language support is as easy as focusing a file with the correct extension. For example, opening a file with the extension .ts will enable TypeScript support.

If for some reason you are not in a file with the correct extension, you can manually activate the language mode with the commands defined in modes/modes.talon. For example, to activate TypeScript support say the command force type script. This will activate the correct mode for as long as you want until you say the command clear language modes.

Where are my languages defined?

There are some commands that are defined at a high level for all programming languages.

Common language commands are defined as below:

File Purpose
lang/programming.talon Commands for functions, loops, and other common control structures
lang/operators.talon Commands for logical, bitwise, and other common operators
lang/comment.talon Commands for comments

The functionality for the common commands is implemented in each language-specific script, for example TypeScript support is defined in lang/typescript.talon.

Any language-specific commands are also defined in the language-specific script, for example lang/typescript.talon.

Some command examples

Some examples of high-level programming concepts that are implemented in TypeScript are given below. See lang/programming.talon and lang/typescript.talon for more high-level commands.

Command Output (TypeScript, as example)
state class class
state if if ()
funky foo private foo()
pro funky foo protected foo()
pub funky foo public foo()

Some examples of language-specific commands defined in TypeScript are given below. See code/typescript.talon for more language-specific commands.

Command Output (TypeScript as example)
state const const
state let let
funky var var
state map .map()
state spread ...