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Welcome to the Talon Community Wiki!

What is Talon

Talon is a hands-free input replacement for the keyboard and mouse. Talon enables people who have limited use of their hands or want to stop using their hands to write code, play video games, and in general have unrestricted use of their computer. Whether you are here because you have an injury, want to prevent an injury, or are just interested in voice tech, we welcome everyone.

Talon is free to use and ongoing development is made possible by donations on Patreon.

Goal of this Wiki

The goal of this wiki is to provide information and documentation for the users of Talon. As the software is under rapid development, this wiki is in a constant state of "work in progress". Some of this content exists temporarily until the official Talon Docs are created.

Wiki Navigation

If you are looking for:See:
Information on getting started with TalonGetting Started
How to customize TalonBasic Customization
Troubleshooting helpTroubleshooting
Help with deciding on a microphone or eye trackerHardware
Videos of Talon in useVideo Demos
Answers to frequently asked questionsFAQ

Talon Slack

Talon has a Slack community for users to get help, ask questions, and meet one another. If you are starting to use Talon, join the Talon Slack. This is the most efficient way to get questions answered if they are not covered in this wiki. There are also a few general channels, like #health, for those looking for resources and other folks who might be navigating complex injuries like RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) from typing.

A few notable channels:

  • #help: get help with Talon setup, usage, or ask questions about Talon
  • #beta: find beta download links and ask questions specific to the beta (this is a private channel that requires a patreon donation)
  • #health: chat with others about computer health issues, share knowledge, find other folks who might be going through similar things
  • #talon-docs: chat about Talon documentation such as this wiki
  • #hardware: chat about hardware, e.g., microphones


This wiki is maintained by the members of the Talon community (i.e., anyone who uses Talon). Contributions are welcomed and appreciated. See the Contributing documentation. Please keep in mind our Code of Conduct.