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Other Useful Software

Browser Navigation

VimiumFreeFirefox/ChromeVim style browser controls. Lets you see all links on page and click with 2 letter combos.
TridactylFreeFirefox/ChromeMore vim style control in browser
VimariFreeSafariA port of Vimium for Safari.

OS Navigation Software

ShortcatFreeMacAllows selecting native UI elements by searching related strings. Like vimium for OSX.
HomerowPaidMacAnother Vimium for OSX alternative.
RectangleFreeMacKeyboard control window placement and management
Fluent SearchFreeWindowsGeneral Windows productivity software that can put labels on each button etc. (in addition to acting as an application launcher). Highly customizable and feature rich.
Hunt and PeckFreeWindowsLike Vimium for Windows. Paints a two letter label on each button etc. which you can type to select. Note: May not work with some modern Windows GUI programs. Sporadically maintained

Programming and text editing

Jump Codes in CodeRush for Visual StudioFreeWindowsHelps with navigation in Visual Studio. See this video for an example. Also drop/collect/swap marker functionality which is useful for Voice Coding.