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Talon-Related Resources


I had to learn to code by voice by the Programming Piglet Demonstraton of a beginner coding with Talon

Educational resources

Tara’s Talon Youtube Channel A channel containing many demos from past Talon Screenshare sessions.

Guenther Schmitz’s Wiki of Talon configuations, issues, and solutions. This list contains a grab-bag of various configurations, answers to questioms, and solutions. Well worth looking at.

chaosparrot’s talon practice website: a website with games and lessions to help you practice basic Talon commands.

Xevs web-based Talon Cheatsheet An online way to look up commands.

Voice controlled hands free mouse replacements

Alphabet Soup Mouse This mouse overlays a very dense grid of letters onto the screen for very precise mouse placement. Created by Aegis and TimoTimo

Racecar Mouse (AKA drawing mouse) A mouse you can use to draw with Talon. It steers like a racecar around the screen. Created by Timotimo.

crosshairs mouse guide mouse Created by Aegis. Allows you to say very specific mouse coordinates and position the mouse precisely on the screen.

Hissing Mouse Created by Tara Roys. A mouse that operates soley by hissing, and uses the idea that if you make a left turn you can get anywhere on the screen by ‘circling the block.’ Simplest possible no-words, no-hands, no need to memorize commands mouse.

Keyboard Replacements

Morse Keypresses allows you to spell out letters using morse code and the hissing noise.

Other Resources:

Talon Cheatsheet Generation Script How to generate a cheatsheet for your own repository

Subtitles.md A basic script for writing subtitles for a screencapture.

Talon Heads Up Display This heads up display is awesome because it shows things like when Talon is awake, asleep, what language mode active, prints a pretty history, And a whole bunch of other things that right now you have to memorize.

Add url to Firefox really title By putting the url in the window bar of firefox, this allows you match the website name and make custom commands for very specific websites.

Search every fork of knausj This search engine helps you find scripts people have written to customize talon for themselves. Most people start with the basic knausj script set and customize it. If the way they copied the knausj script was by forking it on github, their customizations are public and you can search to see if someone has already made voice commands for your favorite programs!

Software that pairs well with Talon