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Tobii 5 Eye Tracker

Tobii 5 hardware

Currently the Tobii 5 has limited support. It currently runs at 33hz refresh rate instead of the 133hz it should have. You may experience the tracking as wobbly because of this. The zoom mouse in knausj may help with this.


Ubuntu 18.04

  • Connect your new Tobii 5c eye tracker via USB to a Windows computer that’s connected to the internet. (Note: tested on Windows 10)
  • Wndows should bring up the “Tobii Experience” configuration software automatically. This SW should recognize your Tobii 5 hardware and prompt you to start a setup process. You don’t actually need to do this.
  • Disconnect the tracker from the Windows machine and connect to your Ubuntu machine.
  • Start up Talon. It should recognize your new hardware.

Mac OS

  • Connect Your Tobii 5c to a windows computer. you may hear some USB disconnection noises as the auto installation takes place.
  • Download and run the offline installer, this should update the Tobii firmware
  • Now connect it to your mac and enable eye tracking in the talon menu
  • Run the calibration in talon.

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