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Regardless of which OS you will be using when you use your eye tracker, the initial setup requres that the eye tracker be connected to a Windows machine with internet access to complete the setup installation. After the initial setup, the eye tracker can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • Connect your new Tobii 5c eye tracker via USB to a Windows computer with an internet connection.
  • Wndows should bring up the “Tobii Experience” configuration software automatically. This software should recognize your Tobii 5 hardware and prompt you to start a setup process. You don’t actually need to do this.
  • If you are using Mac or Linux: Disconnect the tracker from the Windows machine and connect to your Mac or Linux machine.
  • Start up Talon. It should recognize your new hardware.
  • Enable eye tracking in the Talon menu.
  • Run the calibration in Talon.

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